Add vibrancy to your living space with exclusive high heeled chairs

With varied styles and designs of home decors in recent days, most interested buyers have been faced with numerous choices and opportunities that in a way add as worthy purchases. Since most house owners are said to be quite particular while they set up their home decor, they are considered to make much efforts in order to get the best available decorative statements. Be it with vibrant wallpapers or stylish chairs, house owners are faced with diverse choices when it comes to adding elegant and attractive furniture in their living spaces. For reviews and analysis of high heel shoe chairs …

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Recommendations – Dance/Movement DVDs

This weekend I’ll be at Festival of the Goddess, a women-only event here in Central Texas.  I’m not doing a workshop or anything (I should be, but I ran out of time and energy to put one together), although my friend Metis is giving what I know will be an excellent chant workshop.  If you happen to attend the festival, come say hello.

I am often asked to recommend music for trance dance, so I thought I might periodically add reviews of CDs and artists whose work I use for such purposes.  Practically every Pagan knows about Loreena McKennitt, but

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